Several of our departments offer gift certificate programs.
Go Here to the Executive Gifts Dept. Gift Certificate.
Go Here to the Book Dept. Gift Certificate.
Go Here to the Art Dept. Gift Certificate.

If the above departmental gift certificates do not meet your needs, we suggest using a "WebCertificate".

Where Can WebCertificates Be Used?
These gift certificates can be used to by virtually anything on the Web at any online merchant who accepts credit cards. It works whether the shop has an onlline shopping basket or whether you email or phone a customer service representative to place a credit card order.
If I Follow This Link to , Does the Recipient Have to Use the WebCertificate at "The Investor's Shop"?
No! As a matter of fact, the recipient won't even know The Investor's Shop exists unless you tell him (or her) about us. If you think (s)he would like our gifts and/or those in the shops we link to at the bottom of our page, you'd better remember to mention our address You could do this either via the personalized message on the gift certificate or send a separate email message mentioning some of the items we carry. Of course, if your friend has just receieved 20 other bull-and-bear-type gifts, she can use the certificate to buy skiwear or CD-ROMS or the latest best-selling novel.
How Do WebCertificates Work?
  • You deposit money into a WebCertificate account, fill out pertinent information, choose artwork and design an appropriate gift certificate to be emailed. Your friend or relative receives the certificate via email along with instructions for using it.
  • Next, your friend goes to the "Shop Anywhere" page at the WebCertificate site and types in the web address of any merchant. A handy "ecount bar" accompanies your friend to the merchant's site.
  • Basically, the ecount bar works like an online Master Card with your friend's name, account number and expiration date. But unlike plastic cards, it shows the balance left in the gift certificate account. Also, if an item costs more than is in the account, your friend can add money to it via the ecount bar. When using the merchant's online ordering form, your friend fills out the credit card information just as he would with a plastic card. If he phones the merchant to place the order, he gives them his name, account number and expiration date just like any other Master Card.
What Kind of Occasions Are Supported at
There's artwork for: Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, Congratulations, Graduation, Thinking-of-You, Anniversary, Thanks, Wedding, Happy Travels, Any-Occasion, and Corporate Gifts.
There's a form via which you can add your personalzed message.
For busineses, there are special arrangements for opening a corporate account and a company logo can be added to the WebCertificates.

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